Feeling stuck like you hit a wall and feel like no one can help you get over it?

Are you feeling stressed and frustrated?

Or easily anxious and worried about work or relationships?

Perhaps you have huge fears about change or failure and you know that is hindering you?

Hi friend, 

My name is McKing and I understand how you feel

I myself have been through depression twice

Was pessimistic, anxious and nervous all the time

Developed Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

And nearly died twice before the age of 20

To some extent, I have gone to the depths of a human life

And found myself truly not living a proper life

I was lost... depressed... dead...

And one day I realized, why not live properly for once?

After all, there must be a reason for me to be still alive 

After at least 2 near deaths!

And after learning all that I learnt

I now know, that I can help you

I can help you if you are feeling anxious and nervous all the time

If you are pessimistic and have negative thoughts

Or being through some terrible traumas in your own life

I've been there... I know how it feels... And I know how to get out

"I went to seek McKing’s services as I was having an upcoming TV interview. I had experience of being interviewed by print media, but TV interviews are of a different experience and this sent butterflies to my stomach, even by the mere thought of it. After the consultation with McKing, I was skeptical when he told me that I will be ok during the TV interview, as we merely chatted and he told me to visualize myself being among the audience and be in touch with my feelings. On the journey to the interview, surprisingly I was not as jittery and no sweaty palms as I normally would have been. After the interview, I texted McKing to express my thanks and that I am impressed. If there is something which has been disturbing you, do check it out with McKing as it will be a pleasant experience with a sincere therapist."

Michelle Goh 

Founder, CompleteMe Dating Agency 


Change Starts Here.

Using the latest in Conversational Hypnotherapy

Lee McKing has worked with over 240 people and counting since 2014.

Would you be interested to know that he can resolve most emotional issues within the 1st session? Now you can experience that too.

You’ll Experience:

Amazing calmness and relaxation in a comfortable hypnotic state

The truth about how change can take place 

A better positive state - such as happiness, confidence, determination and more

Truly effective therapy to get you results

"That one session opened my eyes to the real reasons behind my low self-confidence. The subsequent sessions cleared 90% of my issues. I am now a more confident person well on my way to attaining success as an entrepreneur. Talk about money well spent! ”

Mahevash Shaikh

Freelance Content Writer


“I was amazed by McKing NLP technique that I finally found the answer to what I have searching for all this while. It was really incredible how... the session have helped me realized my fullest potential and to progress further in all aspects of my life. Thank you McKing for making it possible!!!”

Rafi Yusoff


"After several sessions with him, I felt more confident, motivated, and less anxious. I would recommend anyone to try his services!"

Sherry Wang


"Within 3 minutes of sitting with him... I was able to obtain answers to questions I have been having for the past 2 years. I would definitely recommend him to anyone who is serious about helping themselves and finding their calling. With his extensive background in NLP and hypnosis, he will be able to guide you through any of your personal issues!”

Rajiv Misra

Physics Tutor


"After the first session, it felt magical that my barrier seemed to have vanished, this has helped me to perform much better at my job.”

Felicia Chua


What is hypnosis or hypnotherapy?

Hypnosis is a natural state of awareness that people slip into day in and day out. It is characterised by several indicators, from a heightened state of awareness (hear more, see brighter etc), to deep relaxation, to intense focus and concentration. Hypnotherapy is the use of hypnosis to provide therapy to a client, such as the resolution of emotional issues or behavioural modifications

What are the benefits of hypnotherapy?

Hypnotherapy is an amazing way to tap into your unconscious mind to find powerful and positive resources to resolve issues. 

If you have fear, you can find calmness or even protection and your fears will just dissolve away. Or perhaps you have trauma, and then we find forgiveness, love and even what we learnt from the experience. 

Hypnotherapy is also a time effective way to resolve issues, because you go right into the unconscious mind. 

Most people might think to have a logical way to resolve fears, for example, and that works on the conscious level, and while it can work too, it usually takes quite a bit of time, and who wants to face their fears physically? 

"Just with that 1 session, McKing helped me to have a better control over my diet, better control over public speaking, and it’s so fast and obvious those around me took notice of the changes." 

Muhammad Asraf


Traditional Versus Conversational

Traditional Hypnotherapy has been in history for the longest time and is well known for a long and deep relaxation followed by direct suggestions for the issue. 

Conversational Hypnotherapy uses more complex and diversified language patterns to assist the client with unconscious change processes. It is more time effective for both client and therapist, and cost effective for the client. 

Who is Lee McKing?

Lee McKing is a man who nearly died twice, including once in his sleep, developed post traumatic stress disorder, used to be full of anxieties and fears, gotten into depression and had suicidal tendencies. 

One day he decided enough was enough, and decided to fix his health. He found out about Neuro Linguistic Programming or NLP for short and did the Master programme. He later went on to study hypnosis and hypnotherapy. In total, he spent well over $15,000 to learn all this just to fix his health. And it worked.

Lee McKing is now an author, hypnotist and speaker. He now runs a successful hypnotherapy practice and if you met him, you couldn't tell how much his life used to sucked. Seeing who he is now, you will probably be amazed.</span>

Lee McKing Hypnotist Profile

I Know What You Are Concerned About

You don't know if you can trust me enough to help you

You have no idea about the effectiveness of hypnotherapy

You are wondering how much does it cost

Now I don't know if you noticed but what I do is Conversational Hypnotherapy

Which is kind of like Neuro Linguistic Programming

In fact, I tend to use a mixture of both

So what does that mean?

That means, my friend, I can help you resolve your issues in 1 session 90% of the time

Whereas the remaining 10% of the time requires 2 sessions

And very rarely, about 1% of the time, requires 3 sessions or more

And what does that really mean??!

It means you only need to take up 1 session from me just to taste the effect

Oh and by the way, it's only $450 $350 for a session

So that's $350 to fix procrastination forever

$350 to resolve fears forever (an average of 20 minutes per fear I might add)

And that's a whole 60 minutes of time to resolve a number of issues at once

(Provided you are open enough for it of course)

"At first, I was just curious to find out if hypnotherapy is like that in the movies. I had a list of problems that I felt I might want to deal with. However, during the first session, I was naturally guided to face THE actual problem that I wanted help for. I would recommend McKing to anyone who wants to work on themselves."

Josephine Chen


Watch this video to see how Lee McKing can reduce and resolve 3 fears in 15 minutes

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