Acting On Procrastination

Action On Procrastinationhow lee mcking hypnosis can help with procrastination

I don’t know if you notice the irony here

We got to face our fears, calm our anxieties

And act on procrastination to resolve them 😛

Anyway yup yup

Hypnosis can help resolve procrastination too!

Why Do We Procrastination?

First off, what is procrastination?

Procrastination is when we are suppose to do something, but we delay and hold back on the actions required

For example, a student is supposed to study and do his/ her homework, but plays the handphone instead

So why do we procrastinate??

Here is the science behind procrastination

You see, in our brains, we have something called the limbic system

The limbic system basically handles our emotions

And another part of the brain is called the prefrontal cortex

The prefrontal cortex is more of logical thinking

In a simple way, what happens is the task we are suppose to do is seen as “painful”

And the limbic system takes over by making us look for “pleasurable” tasks; like playing the handphone and avoiding the “painful” task

That’s the quick science behind procrastination 😛

And here is a quick tip too!!

“Just do it”

No I am serious!

The moment you start doing your required task

Your brain re-registers the task as “not painful”

And you will be able to do the task better 🙂

Or you could look for me for hypnosis

What I could do in the session is rewire the task (or all tasks) so that you will no longer procrastinate in the future

And because even the same issue of procrastination can differ from individual to individual

I can provide a personalised, unique solution

At this point, I will invite you to watch this quick video of me sharing about 3 clients of mine

They each have procrastination, but in a different way 😉

You can also read more about what can happen in a hypnosis session here

Once you are ready, just contact me here and let’s meet 🙂